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UL 2799 Environmental Claim Validation Procedure

Our Zero Waste to Landfill and Landfill Waste Diversion claim validations recognize companies that handle waste in environmentally responsible and innovative ways.

Sustainable warehouse worker.

Today, “reduce, reuse, recycle” is a way of life — and a way of business — for millions of individuals and organizations who understand the importance of diverting waste from landfills. But vague definitions, self-declared claims and undefined procedures can make it difficult to qualify and quantify these efforts. Businesses of all sizes are all working towards a unified goal: achieving zero waste.

Our UL 2799 Zero Waste to Landfill Program Overview and Waste Diversion online course covers the different pathways and methods discarded through which materials can be diverted from landfills and how to correctly calculate a waste diversion rate.

The training, consists of three modules, covering the following topics:

  • Drivers of waste diversion
  • Overview of the UL 2799, the Standard for Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Zero Waste to Landfill
  • Diversion pathways and material stream definitions
  • Accurately calculating and documenting waste diversion rate
  • Roles and responsibilities of a company pursuing zero waste to landfill designation

Learning objectives for this training include:

  • Articulate your role in supporting zero waste to landfill goals
  • Characterize different waste streams
  • Understand the UL 2799 diversion equation
  • Identify the kind of evidence needed to “prove” a waste diversion claim under UL 2799
UL 2799 Zero Waste to Landfill Program Overview and Waste Diversion Training – Online Course



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