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UL’s ECV supports Thélios and Stella McCartney on Sustainability

UL issues the first Environmental Claim Validation in Europe for eyewear to Thelios, the eyewear expert of LVMH Group.

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March 11, 2021

According to a McKinsey & Company’s survey on consumer sentiment on sustainability in fashion, 67 percent of surveyed consumers consider the use of sustainable materials to be an important purchasing factor, and 63 percent consider a brand’s promotion of sustainability in the same way. Savvy brands are responding to this consumer demand and taking steps to advance sustainability in their businesses.

UL’s Environmental Claim Validation supports Thélios and Stella McCartney Eyewear in keeping focus on sustainability 

Thélios, the eyewear expert of LVMH Group, has turned to UL, a global safety science leader to pursue Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) for the biobased content environmental attribute of the products it engineers in partnership with leading designers.

In a move to demonstrate their commitment to greater sustainability, Thélios has worked with UL, to pursue the biobased content validation for many of their frames and lenses. Thélios works with leading design houses and other stakeholders to produce eyewear that is both fashion-forward and environmentally responsible.

The beginning of a sustainable journey

Achieving the first milestone in this initiative, Thélios and designer Stella McCartney will launch a new eyewear line in spring that is the brand’s most sustainable category offering to date. The two have collaborated to develop innovative use of biobased materials for both frames and lenses, harmonizing their fashion-forward perspective with a focus on sustainability.

“The Stella McCartney bio-acetate collection is the first eyewear line of hopefully many more to come whose superior environmental performance is validated by UL. The frames together with the lenses contain a minimum of 54% biobased content, reflecting Stella McCartney’s strong commitment to eco-responsibility,” Sara Osculati, chief brand and product officer of Thelios, said. “As a respected international eyewear supplier collaborating with some of the world’s most coveted luxury brands, it is critical that our claims carry trust and credibility internationally that consumers expect from our brands. For this reason, working with UL, a globally respected provider of credible, Environmental Claim Validations, was an obvious choice.” 

Among other innovations, the spring collection introduces lenses composed of a minimum of 40% biobased content from castor oil. Furthermore, the frames are made using bio-acetate with a minimum content of 65%, a more ecological formula containing biobased content derived from wood and cotton seeds alongside plant-based plasticizers. The frames obtained UL’s ECV service, validating their biobased content composition.

Doug Lockard, vice president and general manager of UL's division for retailers and consumer products, stated: “We congratulate Stella McCartney and Thélios on obtaining the Environmental Claim Validation from UL for their sunglass collection. The use of biobased materials in their products demonstrates their strong commitment to sustainability and contributes to a circular economy. By having these claims validated by a trusted third party, Stella McCartney and Thélios help ensure market transparency.”

Thélios plans to continue the collaboration with UL to offer other designers to advance sustainability as well, with eyewear along with the packaging that achieves innovative environmental criteria.    

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