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Bio-based Product Content Validation

UL Solutions validates the content of a product made from materials that are derived in whole, or in part, from biomass resources. Validation of these claims can help you credibly communicate your products’ unique environmentally preferable attributes.

Pile of mulch woodchips against a blue sky

Bio-based content refers to materials that are derived in whole or in part from biomass resources. Our team of experts uses rigorous test methods to help validate your product’s bio-based content. Examples of bio-based content include polylactic acid (PLA) and crop and wood residues.


Once your product receives validation, it can display the UL Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) badge. This badge enables you to confidently showcase your sustainability efforts at a consumer-level — giving you a distinct advantage over competitors.

Additionally, bio-based content speaks to the efficiency and integrity of your supply chain as well as your commitment to environmental stewardship. These two features of a sustainably developed product can set you apart in an oversaturated, ambiguously green marketplace.

We can test the following for bio-based content:

  • Furniture/furnishings
  • Electronics
  • Cleaning/paper
  • Toys
  • Building materials
  • Juvenile products
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics

Why UL Solutions

As one of the world’s most trusted names in third-party product validation, UL Solutions can help you gain instant credibility in a competitive, green marketplace. Credibility means that consumers can trust that your products are as eco-friendly as you say they are. In a landscape that is flooded with unsubstantiated sustainability claims, that’s a big deal.

Even more so, our services can give you the knowledge and resources needed to transform your environmental stewardship efforts into true market leadership. You’ll be empowered to create better products in a more environmentally responsible way, while simultaneously enabling your customers to make smarter, more environmentally preferable purchasing decisions.

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