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Cyclica Case Study

Luxury leather supplier Cyclica substantiates biodegradability claims with UL Environmental Claim Validation.


Luxury leather supplier Cyclica substantiates biodegradability claims for OLEUM® leather

Cyclica supplies high-end leather to some of the most well-known fashion and luxury brands in the world. The Toffanin family has been active in the leather sector for three generations and established Cyclica in April 2021. In its latest effort, Cyclica has recently launched to market a unique and innovative leather product, OLEUM®, that’s not only beautiful, but results in a reduced impact on the environment.

Cyclica wanted a specific/ holistic protocol that would evaluate the biobased content, chemicals used and waste disposal methods that are correlated to a compostable claim.

UL Solutions’ environmental claim validation program UL 1497

UL Solutions proposed a four-month process that would provide an independent, proprietary approach to validate the biobased content of Oleum and its potential to become compostable waste at the end of its life, which translated to UL 1497 Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Biodegradability and Compostability.

Case study

Read the case study to learn more about Cyclica’s decision to validate OLEUM leather through UL Solutions' environmental claim validation (ECV) program, UL 1497.

Through its Environmental Claim Validation program, UL Solutions is helping manufacturers assess the environmental impact of their products and materials, such as leather, shaping the future of a more sustainable product lifecycle.

Why UL Solutions

With deep expertise in supporting fashion and luxury brands’ sustainability efforts, UL Solutions can help deliver safer, more sustainable and high-quality products your consumers can trust. Third-party, science-based validation of your product’s environmental claims helps you demonstrate your sustainability efforts, providing instantly recognizable and validated information to manufacturers and consumers. We can help you evaluate critical information about your products and share it with confidence.

“We are proud to offer our Oleum leather as a forward-thinking and more sustainable option for the fashion and luxury sector to use across a wide range of products. Achieving an Environmental Claim Validation for Oleum leather marks another major step in implementing Cyclica’s sustainability philosophy and serves as an indication of our commitment to the environment.”

  • Pietro Toffanin
  • Owner, Cyclica

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