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UL Solutions Evaluates GUESS? Denim's Durability and Recyclability

UL Solutions provides durability and recyclability solutions to help transform the fashion industry into a circular economy.

Row of denim jeans

The challenge

GUESS? needed a trusted partner to evaluate the requirements of Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign’s guidelines for durability and verify that its denim garments’ fiber content comprised of at least 98% cellulose-based material for recyclability. GUESS? wanted their product to not only be sustainable but also premium quality.

The solution

For durability, UL Solutions’ technical teams and GUESS? discussed the quality requirements need to satisfy consumers’ expectations. After home-laundering the clothing 30 times, UL Solutions assessed the clothing’s status using the following parameters: appearance after washing, tensile strength and tear strength.

For recyclability, UL Solutions’ teams separated all the GUESS? samples’ components, including sewing threads, waistband, front and back pocket linings, hanger loops, and wash care and sizing labels. This was done to verify a fiber content of at least 98% cellulose-based material. GUESS? denim garments satisfied this requirement for The Jeans Redesign’s initiative.

“Our sustainability goal was much easier to be achieved with UL Solutions as our key business partner, helping to test our garments and provide evidence that we meet our ambitious goals for circular and sustainable fashion.”

  • Jaclyn Allen
  • Director of Corporate Sustainability at GUESS?
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