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Start Your Authentic Journey Toward Sustainability

Authentic sustainability is a journey that includes responsibility for the impact that companies exert on their surroundings — in business, environmental and social terms. Learn more about what this means for the textile and leather industry and possible paths forward.

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Watch now: Start Your Authentic Journey Toward Sustainability

Authentic sustainability starts with people and the understanding that a company’s social and environmental aspects are intertwined and must be addressed as one.


Catherine Sheehy, global lead for sustainability partnerships at UL
Daphne Guelker, responsible sourcing advisory manager at UL

Webinar date
April 12, 2022

By taking a holistic view of sustainability, companies can ensure their sustainability journey is genuine and purposeful. These characteristics are the very things consumers, investors, customers and other stakeholders expect from their preferred brands.

There isn’t a better time than April, Earth Month, for UL to present our sustainability webinar and share fundamental insights with fashion and luxury companies.

Why should you join the webinar?

Join us to learn more about:
  • Getting started with your authentic journey towards sustainability: Introduction and overview
  • Insights on integrating environmental and social sustainability programs
  • Taking a discussion about some similarities and differences between frameworks and standards that cover social issues, like the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) from Textile Exchange, the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), amfori and more
  • Leveraging key takeaways for social and environmental programs
  • Working with UL to share your environmental and social efforts
Additional resources

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Addressing Social Impact

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