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Power Utility Cable Testing

Assess the performance and compliance of medium- to high-voltage and non-shielded cables according to your own specifications or UL Solutions’ comprehensive requirements.

Installation of power cables

Compliance testing and certification services for power utility cable manufacturers  

We work with product manufacturers to test and certify power cable products for utility, engineering procurement and construction (EPC), renewable energy and construction use. We provide product manufacturers with safety certification and performance Verification services, including UL 1072, the Standard for Medium-Voltage Power Cables; IEC; AEIC; and ICEA for power cables. Additionally, we provide International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) type testing and qualification testing services to manufacturers requiring a type examination certificate for the markets that require these certificates.    

Medium and High Voltage Cable Systems Testing

Leverage our science-backed expertise to help mitigate risks and optimize the performance and reliability of your medium voltage and high voltage cable systems.



Help ensure reliability, safety and performance with UL Solutions testing services

Whether it’s sourcing conformant products, assessing conformance directly or providing your staff with training, our global footprint enables us to serve utilities around the world. We help you meet the unique specifications of the utility for performance and product compliance over a broad range of standards.

In addition, our testing capabilities for medium- and high-voltage cables include field testing (asset health, commissioning), quality and reliability assessment (factory acceptance, factory assessment, Verification), qualification tests (managed or witnessed) and asset management (forensics, analytics). Our goal is to provide you with customized guidance and support that helps you accelerate your cable product development or implement effective risk management strategies.

Why UL Solutions for power utility cable testing?

As a global safety science leader with expertise in testing, certifying and inspecting wire and cable products, UL Solutions experts developed specialized programs to provide utilities and other industrial cable customers with reliability data and assessment that can be utilized to form a risk mitigation plan for their cable systems. Field testing by our experts for commissioning and asset health helps ensure the optimal performance of distribution assets. We do this by working with the end user to verify new installations’ required performance with an understanding of existing grid components’ capabilities. Our global network of experienced auditors and inspectors facilitates the monitoring and evaluation of supply chain facilities and technologies, regardless of their location.

The distribution grid is changing and expanding. Knowledge is the key enabler for all stakeholders involved in these activities. UL Solutions’ expertise, insight and global reach provide a fast and effective way to expand and strengthen this knowledge capability in the face of an evolving grid architecture.

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Gas discharge in a cavity – First part of a PD measurement process in power cable systems

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