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UL Secures Notified Body Status for CPR for Cables

Confirm the compliance of your cables to European Union's Construction Products Regulation.

cables in a building construction setting

November 3, 2020

UL International (Netherlands) B.V. has recently achieved System 1+ Notified Body status for Product Area 31 (Power, Control and Communication Cable) of the EU's Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011. The Dutch government authorized UL International (Netherlands) B.V. as Notified Body number 2821 following a successful assessment by RvA (Raad voor Accreditatie) earlier this year. 

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) includes power, telecommunications, data and control cables manufactured for or imported into the E.U. to be permanently installed in buildings. To comply with the regulation, cables must meet strict testing and quality assessment requirements before they can be allowed to bear the CE Marking and be used in buildings. 

UL has been extensively involved in all aspects of CPR testing for cables since it became mandatory on July 1, 2017. With this new designation, the process is further streamlined for UL customers globally as testing, quality assessments and certification can be conducted by UL, and helps them move products into the EU 27 marketplace.

Further, because of UL’s global reach, customers can access other markets around the world through testing and certification that meet requirements in those markets. This reduces the need to seek local support elsewhere in the world, making the customer experience more seamless. Cables that are tested and certified through UL, including for CPR, are also eligible to be listed in UL’s Product iQ™ database, providing product information daily to thousands of unique visitors.

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