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Medium Voltage Cable Field Testing Program (MVCFTP)

Assess the safety, quality and performance of cable systems and gain a technical basis for medium voltage circuit maintenance programs.

Worker installing medium voltage cable.

Testing and evaluation services for MV cable systems

UL Solutions is a global market leader in wire and cable testing, inspection, certification and verification. Our capabilities and knowledge of the energy and utilities sector help global customers develop cable and cable accessories with a focus on safety, quality and performance. We build testing solutions for an array of unique cable system conditions and requirements, and we continue to evolve our capabilities and services to meet your increasing needs.   

Wire and Cable Testing Process   

Testing process table

We strive to support business growth and help our customers meet the shifting requirements of a changing world with testing services across the entire life cycle of an MV cable system.

We provide customized testing, including commissioning of newly installed cable systems, recommissioning of repaired circuits, diagnostic tests and condition assessments for in-service and aged circuits.

MV cable system services for manufacturers

The energy and utility team with UL Solutions has over 30 years of experience in MV cable systems, including cable and cable accessory design and manufacturing, new material research and development, cable system aging and failure mechanisms, and testing and diagnostic technologies.

Our experts participate in the development of several testing standards while serving as leaders on international technical committees dedicated to MV cable systems. This expertise and thought leadership allow UL Solutions to provide customized, impartial and scientific based testing services for our customers’ MV cable systems.

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Medium Voltage Cable Field Testing Program

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Gas discharge in a cavity – First part of a PD measurement process in power cable systems

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