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Medium-Voltage Underground Systems

Addressing issues affecting the quality and reliability of medium-voltage underground distribution.

Worker installing cables for underground distribution.

The quality of medium-voltage underground systems is critical to helping ensure the safe and reliable distribution of electrical power. We require reliable electricity in more facets of everyday life, all while drawing that electricity from increasingly diverse sources and locations. A variety of factors — including cables, connectors, joints and terminations — can compromise the quality of the cable system, potentially shortening the anticipated life and degrading reliability. The resulting downtime leads to lost revenue and costly repairs.

This white paper discusses the factors related to the failure of medium-voltage distribution components, including those involving production practices and procedures. The paper also outlines the steps that utilities and other industrial users of medium-voltage distribution products can take to monitor quality throughout the procurement process, helping reduce incidents of preventable failure. The white paper concludes by reviewing programs from UL Solutions for medium-voltage distribution that can help to address these issues.

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Medium-Voltage Underground Systems

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