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High Voltage Cable Field Testing Program (HVCFTP)

Expert-led services to help increase confidence in the quality, reliability and performance of inland and offshore high voltage cables.

Worker inspecting high voltage cables.

High voltage cables are crucial components of our everyday lives

High voltage (HV) cables transmit massive quantities of electrical power across vast distances, making them vital components of the power grid infrastructure. However, HV cables can face a range of challenges throughout their life cycles. Because these cables are so important to our daily lives, owners and operators must field test HV cables to evaluate their reliability and performance.

Once shipped from the manufacturing plant, HV cables can face various stressors throughout transportation, storage, and, particularly, installation. In addition, HV cable accessories such as terminations and joints are assembled and installed on-site, which is considered the weakest spot in the entire cable system. Our research has shown that most early faults occur in these cable accessories, primarily due to craftsman issues.

After installation, HV cable systems are under further stress. Fluctuating temperatures, varying electrical loads and other environmental forces can affect the long-term performance of these vital infrastructure components. Early detection of issues allows for timely repair, replacement and other remedial actions, thereby helping increase the quality, reliability and performance of HV cable systems. From transportation until long after installation, UL Solutions offers comprehensive, expert-backed services to test your HV cables for aging, degradation and potential faults.

Comprehensive field testing services tailored to your needs

UL Solutions stands as a global market leader in wire and cable testing, inspection, certification and verification. Our wide range of capabilities and deep understanding of the energy and utilities sector allows us to assist customers worldwide in developing custom solutions to prioritize quality, reliability and performance. From system installation to ongoing maintenance, we can support your business growth and help you understand ever-changing requirements across many areas, including:

  • Cables, accessory design and manufacturing
  • New material research and development
  • Cable system aging and failure mechanisms
  • Testing and diagnostic technologies

Between 2021 and 2023, UL Solutions performed field testing services for various HV cable systems, covering voltage levels from 69kV to 345kV with solid dielectric insulation (XLPE) and high-pressure fluid-filled (HPFF) cables. The tests can be categorized in the table below.

  Cable status Accessories Objectives
Acceptance New cables, after shipping, before installation Not installed No damage during shipment or storage
New cables, after installation, before energizing, or after repairing Newly installed, or repaired/replaced No defects in installation or after repair/replacement
Condition assessment Aged cables Installed, aged Evaluate insulation condition


UL Solutions’ most common HV cable testing technologies

Test technologies Acceptance Commissioning/
Condition assessment Standards
HVAC withstand   X X IEC60840, IEC62067, AEIC CS9, ICEA S108-720
Partial discharge (online and offline)   X X IEEE 400.3
Sequence/line impedance   X   IEEE 1870, IEEE 400.2
VLF withstand   X X IEEE 400.2
Dielectric loss   X X IEEE 400.2
TDR X X X IEC 63026, TB 490
Jacket integrity test X X X IEC60840, IEC62067
Conductor resistivity X X X  
Insulation resistance X X X  
Phase identification X X    

Why UL Solutions for HV cable systems field testing

Today, our experts serve as leaders across international wire and cable technical committees, contributing to the establishment of new testing standards. Therefore, throughout the life cycle of your HV cable systems, we can perform a multitude of tests to numerous standards, including essential standards from:

  • The Association of Edison Illuminating Companies (AEIC)
  • The Insulated Cable Engineers Association (ICEA)
  • The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Our dedicated team offers decades of experience in evaluating wire and cable systems, so when you look to UL Solutions, you gain a trusted partner that can deliver:


We understand the nuances and intricacies of HV cables and can deliver accurate, reliable results.

Comprehensive services

Our end-to-end testing can assess the performance of HV cables and evaluate system integrity.


Our experts can adapt testing methodologies to meet the specific needs of your unique cable. They can work with you to provide the most relevant, actionable insights.

Objective evaluations

As a trusted third-party testing provider, we offer impartial assessments. Our recommendations are informed by scientific principles and industry best practices.

Scientific excellence

We utilize in-depth scientific knowledge and advanced technologies — including finite element method (FEM) — and our experts actively participate in the development of testing standards, giving us firsthand insight into emerging trends and best practices.

In short, we can leverage our wealth of experience to deliver customized, impartial and science-based field testing services tailored to meet your specific needs.

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High voltage cable field testing program (HVCFTP)

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Gas discharge in a cavity – First part of a PD measurement process in power cable systems

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