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Cable Supply Chain Management Solutions for Utilities, Renewable Integrators and EPCs

A customizable portfolio of solutions for performance and compliance of medium voltage cables used by electric utilities, renewable integrators and Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contractors.

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Reliability and performance of power cables have become major concerns for end users due to the growing complexity of a global supply chain along with technological, regulatory, risk and cost considerations. However, many organizations lack internal bandwidth for conducting inspections and stringent oversight of their power cable suppliers even though quality cables are a vital part of a well-functioning infrastructure.

We provide electric utilities, renewable integrators and Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contractors (EPCs) with customizable solutions for performance and compliance for medium voltage cables. You can access our global engineers and inspection and audit specialists, and in-depth knowledge of manufacturing, inspection and auditing. We have the capabilities to use your specifications and conformance criteria or our criteria to evaluate the compliance of your supplier’s cable to meet specifications and application.

Utility supply chain management efforts are evolving to focus on more than traditional cost reduction and efficiency improvements. Utilities, EPCs and other users are now working actively to contain costs, assure supply and manage risks. Our global supply chain management experts can help by confirming compliance and verifying performance to enable access to global markets. Our vast experience in inspection, testing and certification and our global presence allow us to deliver solutions that help you address these changing needs:

  • Procurement Specification Setting
  • Product Inspection
  • Suppliers’ Factory Qualification Audit
  • Witness Testing
  • Cable Jointing and Termination Training


All programs are geared to specific applications and needs. They support your global procurement footprint and enhance product assurance. These programs help ensure compliance to standards and specifications and reduce liability and risk to all stakeholders. The solutions reduce staff time away from core responsibilities.

Why UL Solutions

  • Our compliance system helps ensure compliance and reduce liability and risk across the entire supply chain.
  • UL Solutions' Follow-up Services helps manufacturers gain a competitive edge based on quality, reputation and service, making it more difficult for manufacturers that produce counterfeit or inferior products to survive.
  • Our long-standing history in certification and standards development makes us a trusted thought leader in the compliance arena. Stakeholders rely on us for research, knowledge and technical solutions to address safety issues and advise on new technologies.
  • Comprehensive factory and market surveillance programs help ensure a more compliant supply chain and reduce the risk and costs associated with sub-standard and unsafe products. This work helps protect brand reputation and the integrity of the UL Mark.
  • Our fully dedicated Global Security and Brand Protection team works with authorities and global customs agencies on anti-counterfeiting measures.
  • The use of the holographic label system sets us apart by establishing a unique identifier for customs, regulators, buyers, retailers and consumers.
  • Some product categories have the option for an additional on-demand promotional opportunity to include a direct link to your company website, product page, brochure, data sheet or flyer through UL iQ databases.
  • We offer global testing and certification solutions for acceptance in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
  • We continue to evolve our capabilities and services to meet your increasing needs. Our goal is to help you rapidly develop and launch safer, superior products and meet the shifting requirements of a changing world.

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