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UL iQ Databases

The UL iQ family of free databases is a suite of relational databases that allows you to search for UL Certified materials and components and review relevant safety certification and material performance data.

A business professional using UL’s iQTM family of databases on a laptop.

Certified materials are added to the UL iQ® databases on a daily basis, making this information immediately available to thousands of designers, engineers and suppliers. Leveraging this extensive collection of data, UL’s iQ databases allows users to find, verify and specify certified material and components that meet certain safety and performance requirements.

Similar to the Online Certifications Directory (Product iQ), many end-product manufacturers use this database to verify the certification information of the components they intend to use in their end-product applications. Through more than 20 possible parametric search criteria, users can additionally identify multiple components and suppliers who have UL Recognition with ratings that meet the safety criteria of a specific end-product application.

UL’s iQ is made up of the following 12 databases:

  • Appliance wiring material (AWM)
  • Electrical insulation systems (EIS) 
  • Fuses
  • Labels
  • Plastics
  • Printed wiring boards (PWB)
  • Sign components
  • Solid state lighting
  • Surge protective devices
  • Switches
  • Certified water products
  • Wire and cable