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ISO 24496 Chair Measurement Device and Training

Achieve precise and efficient measurement of office chairs to meet international standard ISO 24496.

ISO 24496 chair measuring device in an office chair

Measure chair ergonomics to international standards with our chair measurement device 

Since 2013, stakeholders and industry experts have worked to develop a harmonized Chair Measurement Device (CMD) that can be used to measure the ergonomic performance of office chairs. The result of this effort is ISO 24496, Office furniture — Office chairs — Methods for the determination of dimensions, a standard designed to measure and understand office chair performance in a variety of usage scenarios and, for the first time, address US and European standards. UL Solutions was a key participant in the standard development process.

ISO 24496 chair measurement device

We use our technical and manufacturing expertise to produce ISO 24496 chair measurement devices, so chair manufacturers can conduct their own testing.  

Not only does a CMD from UL Solutions enable precision measurement of seating products to ensure they meet the dimensional requirements of specific markets, it also enables ergonomic performance testing of seating products in expected and extreme usage conditions. This device can accommodate chairs with a variety of adjustability features such as armrests, adjustable seats and flexible backrests. 

Benefits of a CMD from UL Solutions

An investment in a CMD device helps improve compliance with fitness and quality requirements such as Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) G1 and different regional criteria, increase customer satisfaction and promote optimal chair performance.

UL Solutions adheres to strict tolerance requirements when manufacturing the components used in the device and it is assembled to pass the calibration requirements from document ISO-TC136-WG1_N0248 (calibration requirements for ISO 24496 CMD). The CMD and placement fixture are both assembled in our Holland, Michigan laboratory. 

After purchase, UL Solutions can provide ongoing support for the device including updating the components of the device to the latest drawing revisions when necessary. UL Solutions can also provide training and support either online or on-site to confirm that the purchaser’s testing professionals understand how to use the device according to the standard. 

Features of the CMD

The CMD is designed to provide precision and accuracy as well as usability for the testing engineer. These features allow for improved measurement efficiency. Features include:


  • Laser-etched vertical height ruler for easy measurement
  • Meets calibration requirements 
  • Lumbar protrusion scale with laminated dry erase for easy marking 
  • Arm width zone scale to accommodate measurement of adjustable components 
  • Seat depth scale

Placement fixture: 

  • Adjustable cylinder can be vertically adjusted to accommodate various chair heights 
  • Adjustable cylinder clamp holds chair in place no matter the height 
  • Includes adjustable leveling casters for easy movement around the laboratory 
  • Adjustable turnbuckles used to level the CMD 
  • Calibrated pneumatic cylinder has a seat push force of 40 newtons
Photo of a back image of the CMD

Contact UL Solutions for a quote on our custom-designed CMD, as well as training and support options to help you use it correctly.  


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