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Firestopping, Joint Protection and Perimeter Fire Containment Testing

Fostering confidence and security in the safety and performance of fire-resistant rated designs.

Fire safety joint protection construction


Firestopping, joint protection and perimeter fire barriers are designed to limit flame and smoke spread through penetrations in a fire-rated wall, floor, and ceiling assembly; joints; and barriers offer the needed protection to keep the building structure and its occupants safer.   

They are designed to meet fire and smoke safety and environmental sustainability requirements and expectations. We understand these challenges. We provide training, advisory, testing, Verification, inspection, and certification solutions for firestopping systems and designs to help manufacturers get compliant products to the market quickly. We identify qualified firestop contractors, who install firestopping systems. We also serve building owners to assist in technical assessment, inspections, commissioning and forensics to help ensure the exterior wall assembly meets expectations.   


Our services provide trust in the compliance, performance, reliability, security, durability and sustainability of fire resistant rated designs.   

We certify fire-resistance-rated firestopping, joint projection and perimeter fire barriers to safeguard against the spread of fire and smoke within a building and the spread of fire to or from the building. Barrier designs are tested to international standards to establish an hourly rating to provide evidence of compliance to code requirements. Suitable fire-resistance-rated systems can be identified by using our Product iQ powerful search tool.  

Our Certifications provide evidence that products and systems meet regulatory and market requirements and include the following:

  • UL Mark Certification Service
  • C-UL Mark Certification Service
  • UL-EU Mark Certification Services
  • EU CE Marking Technical Documentation File Service
  • Certificate of Compliance (Middle East)
  • Materials & Equipment Acceptance (MEA) Report
  • Florida Validation Services
  • Multiple Listing Services
  • Field Evaluation Service
  • Evaluation Report (ER)
  • GREENGUARD Certification
  • Environmental Claims Validation (ECV)
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Our Environmental Sustainability Validation Services provide evidence to architects and designers that products meet their environmental requirements

  • GREENGUARD Certification
  • EPD
  • ECV
  • Engineering evaluation and support services

UL Testing Services assess compliance to UL Solutions and industry standards:

  • Fire Resistance Rating (UL 263/ASTM E119 and BS476)
  • Smoke Leakage Testing

Our Building Inspection Services provide building owners and contractors with confidence that products were installed correctly and buildings will perform to requirements:

Our Advisory Services provide technical design assessments, commissioning and forensics services to assure exterior wall assemblies are designed and installed to provide the expected performance:

  • Building Envelope Forensic Services
  • Building Envelope Commissioning Services

Why UL Solutions

  • The UL Certification Mark on fire resistant products, systems and assemblies is relied on by code enforcement officials and buyers to provide confidence that products and systems meet regulatory and market requirements and is a key differentiator for products within the exterior wall assembly market.
  • The UL Evaluation Report, an additional differentiator, provides code authorities and the market with added assurance that assemblies have been evaluated to the diverse code requirements to which they must comply.
  • Our testing services span across a broad spectrum of standards and evaluate product performance to all the critical attributes necessary to provide confidence in product performance.
  • Our Qualified Contractor Program
  • Our Environmental Sustainability Validation Services provide architects and designers with validation that assemblies meet their environmental requirements.
  • Our building inspection and advisory services provide confidence in building performance through design assistance, commissioning, inspection and forensic services. 
  • UL Product iQ™ This powerful online search tool can help you easily locate the UL certification information needed to achieve safe, sustainable and code-compliant installations. This next generation search engine covers a wide range of construction materials, equipment and fire-resistance-rated assemblies and systems. It includes the flexibility to search by product name, master format number, related installation code section, keywords and other terms.
  • UL SPOT®  This online search tool can help you locate products and systems that meet your environmental sustainability requirements.

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