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Exterior Wall System Testing and Certification

Fostering confidence in the safety, performance, reliability, durability and sustainability of exterior wall assemblies.

Photo of an exterior building fire

Meet exterior wall system requirements

Exterior wall assemblies are designed to resist the impacts of fire, wind, rain, hail, extreme temperatures and sound, and be energy efficient, attractive and much more. We understand these challenges.

We provide testing, inspection, and certification solutions for exterior wall assemblies. These services help you get compliant products to the market quickly. We also serve building owners to assist in technical assessment, inspections, commissioning and forensics to assure that the exterior wall assembly meets expectations.

Take advantage of our portfolio of exterior wall system services

Our services provide trust that standards are met for safety, performance, reliability, durability and sustainability of exterior wall assemblies.

Our certification services provide evidence that products and systems meet regulatory and market requirements and includes the following:

  • UL Mark Certification Service
  • C-UL Mark Certification Service
  • UL-EU Mark Certification Services
  • EU CE Marking Technical Documentation File Service
  • Brazil INMETRO Mark Certification Services
  • Certificate of Compliance (Middle East)
  • Materials and Equipment Acceptance (MEA) Report
  • Florida Validation Services
  • Multiple Listing Services
  • Field Evaluation Service
  • Evaluation Report (ER) Program
  • UL 263 and BS 476 - Fire Resistance Rating
  • NFPA 285 and CAN/ULC S134 - Fire Propagation Testing
  • ASTM E84 - Surface Burning Characteristics Testing 
  • AAMA/CSA - Air, Water and Structural Performance Testing
  • CAN/ULC S741/S742 - Air Barrier Testing 
  • Windstorm (Hurricane and Tornado) Impact Resistance Testing
  • ASTM E1827/E779 - Blower Door Testing
  • ASTM E2357 and E2178 - Air Leakage Testing
  • ASTM E96 - Water Vapor Materials Testing
  • ASTM E1363 - Thermal Testing
  • AAMA 508/509 - Rain Screen Systems

Our Field Inspection Services provide building owners and contractors with confidence that exterior wall assemblies were installed correctly and buildings meet performance requirements:

  • Field Testing
  • Building Inspection Services (fire, life safety, security)

Our advisory services provide technical design assessments, commissioning and forensics services to confirm exterior wall assemblies are designed and installed to meet performance requirements:

  • Building Envelope Forensic Services
  • Building Envelope Commissioning Services

Why UL Solutions for exterior wall system testing and certification services

  • The UL Certification Mark on exterior wall assemblies is relied on by code enforcement officials and buyers to provide confidence that products and systems meet regulatory and market requirements and is a key differentiator for products within the exterior wall assembly market.
  • The UL Evaluation Report, an additional differentiator, provides code authorities and the market with added assurance that wall assemblies have been evaluated to the diverse code requirements to which they must comply.
  • Our testing services span across a broad spectrum of standards and evaluate product performance to critical attributes necessary to provide confidence in product performance.
  • Our environmental sustainability validation services provide architects and designers with validation that exterior wall assemblies meet their environmental requirements.
  • Our building inspection and advisory services promote confidence in building performance through design assistance, commissioning, inspection and forensic services.

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