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Fire Sprinkler Testing and Certification

Providing expert testing and certification of sprinklers to check the operating performance of both wet- and dry-type sprinklers in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Fire sprinkler head

Residential and commercial fire sprinkler testing and certification services

Our suppression team supports manufacturers, regulatory authorities, building owners and insurance companies with certification and customized testing services for a variety of suppression equipment, including products for residential and commercial sprinkler systems.

Fire sprinkler standards, regulations and requirements

We test and certify sprinklers and nozzles to the requirements in the current editions of the following standards:

  • ANSI/UL 199 Standard for Safety of Automatic Sprinklers for Fire-Protection Service
  • EN 12259-1 Requirements and Test Methods for Sprinklers

Field sprinkler testing

Many communities have adopted NFPA 25 as a referenced standard in their building codes, which are enforced by local inspection authorities. We test sprinklers sampled from field installations as a service to inspection authorities, the sprinkler industry, the insurance industry, and property owners. These test reports aid interested parties in accessing the effectiveness of sprinkler systems, or the need for replacement of sprinklers currently in service.

Online field sample sprinkler submission and management  

The Field Sample Sprinkler online portal at Field Sprinkler Program provides a seamless approach for initiating and handling requests. To request this service, use this self-service portal to create an account and to manage testing and reporting on sprinklers from specified locations. Identification tags are also requested through this portal.

Why UL Solutions for fire sprinkler certification    

We can help you reduce time to market by offering efficient and flexible services from an industry leader in fire safety certification. We offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art testing facilities and a highly experienced technical staff with extensive code knowledge. This is why the UL Mark is immediately recognized and respected by professionals in fire safety around the world.

UL Tests Water, Antifreeze Solutions Against Fires

Explore the results of research into the effectiveness of sprinklers discharging water compared to certain antifreeze solutions used in fire sprinkler systems today.

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SPLASH Field Sample Sprinkler Testing

We test sprinklers sampled from field installations as a service to inspection authorities, the sprinkler industry, the insurance industry and property owners.

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Initiatives to address new technology and maintain safety requirements for fire sprinklers

Fire sprinklers have been used for over 100 years. Due to changes in their application and installation, on-going monitoring and assessment of their construction and performance are required to maintain high levels of safety.

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On-demand Webinar Series

Meeting the Challenges of the Future Built Environment

Join UL Solutions experts for our on-demand webinar series that covers topics surrounding the fire service and meeting the challenges of the future built environment.

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Comparing Antifreeze Solutions in Fire Sprinkler Systems

Gain insights on differences in the effectiveness of glycerin and propylene glycol antifreeze solutions as compared to water in fire sprinkler systems.

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