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Firestop Special Inspection

UL Solutions offers rigorous, independent inspections for firestop systems.

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UL Solutions' Firestop Inspection Service

Section 1705 of the 2012 and later editions of the International Building Code (IBC) require special inspection of firestop systems, fire-resistant joint systems and perimeter fire containment systems installed in high-rise buildings defined as Risk Category III or IV. The proper installation of these critical life-safety systems helps protect the building and its occupants against the spread of fire, heat, smoke and toxic gases should a fire occur.

Whether required by code or simply done at the discretion of the design team, UL Solutions’ Firestop Inspection Service can help ensure your contractors are using the correct systems and help make certain systems are installed correctly.

The importance of Firestop system inspections

Firestop system components and installation procedures are critical areas of inspection for contractors. Engaging with UL Solutions to complete your on-site inspection enables you to leverage our expert understanding of these life-safety systems throughout the entire construction process. The UL Firestop Inspection Service helps ensure the system was installed in accordance with system requirements. Firestop systems, fire-resistant joint systems and perimeter fire containment systems are inspected to ASTM requirements as specified by the IBC. As adoption of the 2012 and later IBC increases, ensuring compliance with the firestop special inspection requirements is a fundamental step toward demonstrating increased fire protection safety.

Leverage Firestop special inspections

Our Firestop expertise

In addition to complying with building code requirements, working with UL Solutions delivers other benefits including:

  • Accurate and comprehensive inspections the first time around due to our extensive knowledge of the firestop industry
  • Possible elimination or reduction of nonconformance as a result of our expertise in firestop system requirements
  • Quick response times and flexible scheduling due to our extensive network of field staff
  • Access to an independent, third-party resource, widely recognized and accepted by authorities having jurisdiction

Why UL Solutions for Firestop inspection services

As a leading expert in testing, inspection and certification of building materials, UL Solutions is well equipped to help ensure proper installation of firestop systems. We are widely recognized by authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), with extensive experience testing and listing firestop systems, and can help you understand the broader regulatory landscape for the building industry.


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