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Fire Barrier Management

Minimize risks with a rigorous, independent inspection of your fire barriers.

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Overview of Fire Barrier Management

We are leading experts in the barrier management field. Our Fire Barrier Management services represent a collective suite of offerings targeted to building fire compartmentation with additional training and educational opportunities for system installers.

Benefits of a Fire Barrier Management Program

We provide inspections of firestopping systems, fire doors and fire dampers. These inspections allow us to leverage our extensive understanding of these life-safety systems throughout the entire construction process. Additionally, the UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Program (QFCP) and the UL Master Audit Certificate of Compliance (MACC) allow firestop contractors to demonstrate compliance and quality.

Why UL Solutions for Barrier Management Services

As a leading expert in testing, inspection and certification of building materials, we are well equipped to inspect and educate on the proper installation of firestop systems. We are widely recognized by code authorities, with extensive experience testing and listing firestop systems, and can help you understand the broader regulatory landscape for the building industry.


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