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Electrical Enclosure and Related Component Certification

We test enclosures to a wide variety of safety regulations, providing third-party certification that your products have met the industry’s highest standards for performance.

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IP rated enclosures help mitigate general public hazards

The electrical enclosures industry is a critical part of the infrastructure behind encasing and shielding hazardous equipment from the general public. Enclosures can help mitigate fire hazards, reduce the risk of shock, and minimize other dangerous physical effects that can happen during accidental contact with electrical equipment.  

We have the resources and capacities to customize our service packages in order to optimize project turnaround time, minimize administration and reduce project costs. Our involvement in the CB Scheme, an international system for mutual acceptance of test reports and certifications, helps provide cost- and time-savings for global market access.

Manufacturers with in-house testing capabilities may qualify to perform testing at their facilities under UL’s Data Acceptance Program (DAP). Such testing can help reduce the cost and time associated with the certification process.

IP standards for enclosures

Our experts can help you gain the market access needed to compete globally by adhering to the stringent safety regulations for enclosures, enclosure accessories and enclosing parts of equipment. This includes complete testing of Type Ratings, such as Types 1, 3R and 4X, and IP Code Ratings, such as IP54, IP66 and IP69, provided by electrical enclosures. We also offer IK Code Ratings, such as IK08 and IK10, hammer testing for degrees of protection provided by enclosures against external mechanical impacts.

Additionally, we offer Listing and Recognition certification for enclosure accessories to assist manufacturers who utilize Type or IP rated enclosures, for example, Types 3R and 4X or IP55 and IP66. This enables you to use Type or IP rated enclosure accessories such as access hardware hinging and latching accessories, such as quarter turns, handles, and compression latches, etc., window kits, hole plugs and filter fan kits.

Our certifications and standards cover junction and pull boxes, cabinets and cutout boxes, industrial control panel enclosures, IP and IK rated electrical enclosures, and enclosure accessories. Additionally, we can offer Type, IP or IK ratings in a number of other product categories.

We provide testing and certification services for enclosures that include, but are not limited to:

  • Type and/or IP rated enclosures and accessories
    • Cabinets
    • Cutout boxes
    • Junction boxes
    • Pull boxes
    • Industrial control panel enclosures
  • Type and/or IP rated panel mounted accessories
    • Window kits
    • Hole plugs
    • Filter fan kits
    • Air conditioners
    • Heat exchangers
    • Infrared viewports
    • Rain hoods
    • Cable and pipe sealing devices/fittings
  • Type and/or IP rated access hardware solutions
    • Quarter turns
    • Handles
    • Compression latches
    • Hinges
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Certification for U.S. and Canada - Environmental-rated accessories for enclosures

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Accelerate market access with certifications for electrical enclosures

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IP and IK Code Rating Testing for Enclosures

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