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Responsible Sourcing for Sustainable Supply Chains

Identify socially responsible sourcing opportunities and risks within your company's supply chain and promote positive social, environmental, and business activities.

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Brands and retailers are under greater scrutiny for actions within their supply chains.

Brands and retailers are facing increasing scrutiny over their sourcing practices. Those overseeing sourcing often have little contact with the end-product. Materials being sourced from companies using exploitative practices, including forced labor, unfair compensation or health and safety risks, have led consumers and retailers alike to demand that companies identify and address these unacceptable practices like these in their supply chains. UL Solutions can provide a full suite of services to advance responsible and sustainable business practices. We help you evaluate your supply chain for emerging risks, provide remediation services and reduce potential damage to your brand’s value.

Investments are now commonly based on environment, social and governance (ESG) criteria and data. 

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) are today driving factors for investing in a company. Investment analysts commonly focus on ESG criteria, based on several rating systems. According to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), social issues relevant to ESG analyses may include human rights, modern slavery, child labor, working conditions and employee relations. UL Solutions’ innovative solutions can help you address the critical challenges of responsible sourcing globally from developing the fundamentals of responsible sourcing, through risk-based assessment and solutions and driving continuous improvement, empowering you to demonstrate to stakeholders that your brand is a good investment for their resources. 

UL Solutions helps brands and retailers build a sustainable supply chain. 

To stay competitive, manufacturers must monitor their supply chains regularly and remain vigilant in their vendor selection policies to keep consumers, investors and regulators satisfied that their brand is an ethically responsible environmental steward and conscientious corporate citizen operating in accordance with all business and human rights regulations and best practices.

Supply chain risks pose potential problems for your brand. You can help prevent them by putting ethical sourcing practices in place to assess and address those risks in advance. Leading brands know that ethical sourcing is one of the best ways to satisfy investor and regulatory requirements, in addition to promoting a positive public image to protect brand value.

Public perception of your brand’s ethical practices is critical to your reputation and brand asset. 

Protect your brand and your reputation by maintaining a current code of conduct to help ensure your supply chain doesn’t employ unfair labor practices. UL Solutions can help you establish a responsible sourcing program, identify areas of high risk, gather relevant information through on-site and remote assessments and drive continuous improvement.

We take a customizable and holistic approach to supporting the development of your responsible sourcing program. At UL Solutions, we understand that supply chain risks vary by industry, so our tools can be tailored to your unique needs. Our responsible sourcing strategists analyze your supply chain and assess risks and share socially responsible strategies and best practices to help you make every improvement necessary to meet your ethical and sustainable sourcing program goals. This is how we help you access strategies for socially responsible sourcing so you can achieve what’s possible.