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PFAS Testing Services for Plastics

Lean on a regulatory and plastics expert when mastering your PFAS challenges. Discover how UL Solutions can help.

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In today's world, toxic-free plastics are playing a big role in enhancing sustainability and human health. In particular, the impacts on the environment and human health of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as forever chemicals, are the subject of increased attention from governments and technical committees.

PFAS regulations

PFAS are used to make fluoropolymer coatings and products that resist water, dirt, oil, heat, stains and grease. They can be found in many products, including textiles, food packaging, cookware, cosmetics, paint, pesticides and electronics.

The broad usage of PFAS, and the health impacts increasingly associated with long-term contact, makes it important to reduce the exposure of humans and the environment to these toxic substances. Within the last several years, new global and regional chemical regulations have been introduced to control and eliminate the use of PFAS for specific applications.

PFAS-free regulations are being implemented, especially in the U.S. and in the European Union.

Define the level of PFAS in your plastics

Keeping track of which regulation applies where, while at the same time offering customers transparency and compliant products is a complex challenge. UL Solutions can help.

Our PFAS-Pathfinder and our plastics experts are available to help support you.



Your benefits:

  • Our global network of regulatory and plastics experts with expertise in regional and local requirements.
  • Industry leading global polymer testing and certification facilities.

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