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Fitwel® Certification Services

Leverage UL’s comprehensive support to pursue Fitwel building certification for healthier workplace environments.

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What is Fitwel® building certification?

Fitwel is a building certification that supports healthier workplace environments to help improve occupant health and productivity. 

Fitwell addresses health as an interconnected system. Independent reviewers assess projects against Fitwel’s seven health impact categories:

  • Impacts surrounding community health
  • Reduces morbidity and absenteeism
  • Support social equity for vulnerable populations
  • Instills feelings of well-being
  • Enhances access to healthy foods
  • Promotes occupant safety
  • Increases physical activity

Assessments are compiled as Fitwel Scorecards, which include more than 55 building design and operational strategies that address a range of health behaviors and risks. Fitwell certification is awarded based on points allocated to each strategy.

Buildings are eligible to apply for Fitwel certification during the design phase (before occupancy) or as an existing building (post occupancy).

Why Fitwel certification is important

Pursuing Fitwel certification indicates that your organization prioritizes wellness, which can inspire confidence and respect in your employees, residents and investors. The interconnected system approach uses scientific evidence as a foundation to optimize health within a building or community in a sustainable way.

How UL can help with Fitwel certification

Our sustainability advisory team has the expertise and experience to help guide you through the Fitwel certification application process. We often collaborate with building design teams to incorporate innovative health and wellness initiatives, and provide operational efficiency recommendations to a building’s facilities team. Our integrated, multidisciplinary approach that focuses on making your projects more cost-effective and reliable, as well as sustainable.

Our Fitwel certification support services include:

  • Facilitating certification meetings
  • Establishing project specific health and wellness goals
  • Developing implementation strategies
  • Training of all involved project or tenant personnel
  • Developing and implementing performance tracking tools
  • Preparing Fitwel required documentation
  • Submitting project for certification review

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What is Fitwel Certification?

Fitwel is a new green building certification, focused on health and wellness, and the impacts a building has on it’s occupants. UL’s services for healthy buildings team provides Fitwel performance verification and testing services.

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