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See how UL Solutions protects consumers

Watch our videos to learn more about UL Solutions.

UL Solutions in daily life

All you have to do is look around your home, your workspace or your favorite store and chances are you’ll see a product or device that UL Solutions has helped make safe, secure or sustainable.

UL Solutions and the ingredients for safety

We help product manufacturers find trustworthy ingredients and materials that have been certified safe for human use. It’s how these brands can be more responsible with the products they sell.  

UL Solutions helps to extinguish fire danger

We help protect firefighters and consumers by testing and certifying the equipment used to combat fires, as well as focus on home and building safety against fires.  

UL Solutions helps protect you from what can’t be seen

Mobile phones have become essential in life. We help companies test that the electronic waves, internal components and batteries are safe.

UL Solutions helps keep your kitchen safe

We don’t certify cooking skills, but we do protect families by testing the safe performance of small and large kitchen appliances.  

UL Solutions and safety awareness

From the proper usage of life jackets to the dangers of oil-soaked rags, we often share safety tips on how to avoid hazards that most people don’t think or know about.