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Look for the UL safety Mark before you buy

The UL Mark means a product has been certified to meet scientific safety, quality or security standards.

If we sound or look familiar, but you can’t put your finger on it, it’s because the UL safety Mark appears on more than 22 billion products around the world each year. It’s the single most accepted certification Mark in the United States. From appliances, smart devices and furniture to home construction material and fire and carbon monoxide detectors, the UL Mark is a symbol of trusted safety and performance. 

The UL safety Mark means a product has been certified to meet scientific safety, quality or security standards. We also continue to check products months and years after testing to make sure they still meet the requirements. Look for UL safety Marks on product packaging, the product itself or within product details when shopping online.  

Although there are many variations of our safety certification Marks, they typically look like one of the following: 

Enhanced Mark

Mark for Canada

red promotional badge

The Enhanced UL Certification Mark is used on some of the most innovative products being sold today. Look for it on hoverboards, pre-lit holiday decorations and smoke alarms meeting the latest safety requirements. The promotional badge may appear on the products, packaging and promotions in conjunction with the Enhanced UL Certification Mark.

UL listed mark

Listed Mark for Canada

Listed Mark for Canada

Our Listed Mark appears on furnaces and heaters, fuses, electrical panel boards, fire extinguishers and thousands of other products.

Enhanced Mark

Classified ULC Mark for Canada

Classified ULC Mark for Canada and U.S.

The UL Classified Mark commonly appears on products that have been evaluated for a specific hazard or for performance under specific conditions.

ULC Listed Mark

The ULC Mark appears on many types of products, including building materials and fire protection and suppression products.

ru mark

The UL Recognized Component Mark is used on components that are part of a larger UL Certified product or system.