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Ultraviolet Light in Germicidal Devices: Safety Considerations

Join UL experts as we discuss the safety considerations for the use of ultraviolet light in germicidal devices.


The COVID-19 pandemic has many people thinking about ways to disrupt its spread. Since the late 1800s, we have known that ultraviolet (UV) light can provide effective sanitization.

Recently, we have seen a growing trend where ultraviolet germicidal devices on offer do not include effective means for containment or limitation of UV-C exposure. Questions about the safety risks of such applications continue to grow.

Download this recording and hear Bahram Barzideh, UL primary designated engineer, present background and concepts on this technology. The information will provide clarity that is beneficial for those manufacturing or considering the use of UV-C for germicidal purposes. Product designers, safety engineers, health professionals and consumers are welcome!



Bahram Barzideh, primary designated engineer, UL Lighting


Webinar date

May 12, 2020

Safety Considerations for Use of Ultraviolet Light in Germicidal Devices