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UV Germicidal Equipment and Systems Industry Updates

UL 8803 has been published and addresses the use and risks of portable germicidal equipment used in homes and other similar areas.

A bright, clean room in a home.

September 3, 2021

UL 8803, Outline of Investigation for Portable UV Germicidal Equipment with Uncontained UV Sources has been issued. The Outline of Investigation (OOI) covers portable germicidal equipment for use in households and similar environments. These devices are intended to expose the air and surfaces within an unoccupied area with uncontained ultraviolet (UV) energy. 

Portable germicidal devices are intended to remain stationary while in operation, as opposed to handheld equipment. The OOI:

  • Addresses the risk of personal injury from UV overexposure using an integral motion-detection function, activation cycle requirements and product operating time limits. When integrated properly, these safeguards work to help ensure that devices will operate only when an area is unoccupied.
  • Will be used in conjunction with CSA C22.2 No. 250.4/UL 153, the Standard for Portable Luminaires, to address applicable risk of electric shock, fire and personal injury due to factors other than UV overexposure and excessive ozone.
  • Leverages criteria from IEC 62471 to measure and categorize the UV emissions from these devices.
  • Applies ozone measurement methods and concentration limits currently in place for other consumer-based products.

In addition to UL’s public outreach efforts regarding consumer safety and avoiding UV overexposure, we engaged with various interested parties to develop and establish requirements for this stationary, uncontained UV product type. Hazard-based safety engineering concepts were applied to develop requirements for integral safeguards and related markings. 

Current UL subscribers have electronic access to the outline. You can also purchase a copy of the OOI.