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Photobiological Safety for Products that Emit UV Radiation

Products are increasingly including UV emitting LEDs or lamps for their potential inactivation properties against COVID-19. Protect yourself and other from potential UV hazards by reading our FAQ document.

An array of medical devices sit within a cabinet basking in UV light.

Product designers are increasingly looking to add ultraviolet (UV) emitting LEDs or lamps to devices to take advantage of their potential inactivation properties against COVID-19. The addition of these UV generating components also introduces concerns about the potential harm UV radiation can cause to the skin and eyes.

Take a look at how UL experts answer common questions they have received from customers about how to evaluate potential UV hazards and which safety standards can be used. UL experts also give you insight into how UL can help you with your testing and analysis needs.

In the following document, we answer commonly asked questions, including:

  • How is a UV source that emits into the visible spectrum evaluated?
  • Can a consumer UVC product use virtual containment?
  • Are LEDs considered “not contained” UV?

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