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UL Panel - UV Sterilization and Disinfection use in the Healthcare Industry

Q1 Productions hosts UL's industry experts to discuss UV sterilization and disinfection technologies, and the trends in the healthcare setting.


The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has placed unimagined stress on the healthcare industry. A critical aspect of delivering effective healthcare is access to adequate supplies of sterilized medical devices, personal protective equipment (PPE) and sterilized spaces for patient treatment. Sterilization technologies using ultraviolet (UV) radiation are showing significant promise in the efforts to increase the scale of safe and effective sterilization. From contained UV sterilization chambers to standalone UV devices and systems installed in operating rooms and patient containment areas, UV sterilization technologies are increasingly providing a safe and environmentally preferred method for achieving and maintaining contaminant-free equipment and supplies.

In this panel discussion, we discuss concerns with exposure to UV radiation, typical application of UV devices, risk groups associated with UV and standards used for evaluation of these types of sterilization devices used in a health care environment.

  • What is UV Sterilization?
  • Potential Safety Risks Associated with UV Sterilization Technologies
  • Testing and Labeling of Systems and Equipment Used for UV Sterilization
  • UL’s Approach to the Testing and Listing/Recognition of UV Sterilization Systems


Deborah Jennings-Conner, UL Healthcare General Manager of Americas

Pamela Gwynn, UL Healthcare Principal Engineer

Paul Evers, UL Healthcare Principal Engineer