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UL Helps Al-Rakeb Achieve Goals Through Remote Inspection

Explore how Al-Rakeb Company leveraged a partnership with UL Solutions to deliver mobile filling stations to challenging, remote locations in the Middle East.

Oil and gas engineer at a rig site

Al-Rakeb Company sought to gain customers’ trust by demonstrating the safety of its new mobile filing stations. But first, Al-Rakeb had to find a way to complete inspections during a pandemic and access proprietary test reports that were in the hands of the original equipment manufacturers. So how could the steel products manufacturer overcome these challenges? The company turned to UL Solutions for help.

UL Solutions worked with Al-Rakeb to find an alternative solution to traditional product certification to satisfy their customers’ requirements. The two companies collaborated to identify the necessary design documents and applicable standards, assessed the product components, and correct usage. 

An inspection was also an essential part of this process, but completing a physical review during a pandemic proved to be a major challenge. UL Solutions’ expertise and knowledge allowed us to oversee the remote inspection of all electrical, wiring methods and interconnections following guidelines in the International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx) OD 024. Our engineering team reviewed the integrated equipment based on IEC 60079-14, the International Standard for Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres.

This case study explores how UL Solutions helped Al-Rakeb overcome the common but complex challenges companies face in today’s world. 

Remote areas, such as desert regions, pose a distinct challenge to companies that work there while depending on fuel for their vehicles and machinery when such resources are traditionally difficult to access. Looking to help solve that challenge in the Middle East’s deserts, Al-Rakeb Company, a Kuwaiti manufacturer of medium and heavy steel products and systems such as tanks and steel frames for port harbors, developed a new, innovative solution.

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