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Introduction to Sustainability Reporting for Multiple Stakeholders

Learn more about different forms of sustainability reporting, why it’s important and how to move your organization forward.

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The challenges of sustainability reporting

To be effective, sustainability must infiltrate every aspect of the business. Sustainability sits at the core of continued viability for businesses and includes grappling with challenges such as supply chain complexity, innovation safety, full production life cycle visibility and future-focused brand management.

Complexity also extends outside of the organization’s walls to partners, suppliers, investors, transporters and other collaborators. Gaining visibility into the environmental impact from the time of a product’s conception through end-use and disposal can be a daunting task involving dozens of stakeholders. 

Key metrics to track in sustainability reporting 

The good news is that companies are more aware of these challenges and are taking steps
to address them. Solutions range from supply chain mapping and deploying new evaluation
tools, to leveraging connected technologies that enable the collection of data across the entire
organization and broader supply chain. Key metrics include:

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Human resources
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Risk
  • Audits
  • Environment, health and safety (EHS)
  • Supplier information

A guide to types of sustainability reporting

We have compiled an informative guide to several forms of sustainability reporting, including:

  • Environment, social and governance (ESG) reporting
  • Carbon reporting
  • Environment, health and safety (EHS) reporting
  • Supply chain management

In this guide, we discuss the significance of sustainability reporting for organizations, and important points to consider such as digital transformations and solutions. You will also find resources to help make your sustainability reporting more manageable.

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