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Introduction: Designing for Compliance to IEC 60598

Gain insights on how to comply to IEC 60598.

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This webinar is geared towards North American designers who want to comply to IEC 60598. We’ll address important technical considerations to be aware of by comparing and contrasting different regional perspectives. Common questions and differences will be discussed and we’ll highlight the benefits of designing for compliance.

During the webinar, Shaun Fought will advocate for designing for compliance and will provide useful information on topics related to IEC 60598 compliance, including an overview of relevant key terms. Yes, it is possible to design a product to comply with various regional requirements. We are pleased to provide you with knowledge and services to help you more effectively design for IEC-compliance and for markets around the world.


Shaun Fought, Lighting Staff Engineer, UL


Webinar date

August 18, 2020

Introduction: Designing for Compliance to IEC 60598