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Why UL Solutions for the Lighting Market

Learn more about the specific ways UL Solutions serves the needs of the lighting industry and complex subindustries across the globe.

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UL Solutions in the lighting market

As the most trusted third party brand in the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) business, UL Solutions has the knowledge, expertise and platforms necessary to accelerate lighting manufacturers’ time to market. Our customers choose us to strengthen and protect their brands in lighting with personal, focused solutions based on their trust in us to perform the testing and certification of UL and IEC-based standards.

We take the guesswork out of understanding lighting certification and we have a reputation for doing the job right. We are trustworthy, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Brand awareness and reputation

  • UL Solutions is recognized as a thought leader in the lighting industry with regular participation from our experienced engineering team in technical committees and panels of note.
  • Our lighting services have led the industry for over 100 years, maintaining pace with ever-changing technology and industry needs.
  • We work with over 60% of Fortune 500 and Global 500 Companies.
  • UL Solutions has the most recognized Mark in the U.S., with 94% of code authorities indicating they are familiar with UL Solutions.
  • We have been at the forefront of the lighting industry in emerging technologies and has the technical expertise needed to be trusted with handling both simple and complex products and systems.
  • Our team of experienced Sales and Engineering experts are resources that provide responsive and outstanding customer service, and guide customers through the testing and certification process as efficiently as possible.

Solutions from a single source

  • Our global lighting laboratories give us the opportunity to combine testing for safety, performance, connectivity, cybersecurity, materials and more to improve turnaround times and reduce complexity for our customers.
  • UL Solutions is an issuer of IECEE CB Certificates worldwide, with select laboratories that are EPA, DLC, and ENEC+ approved, providing comprehensive performance testing solutions to meet your individualized needs.
  • We hold accreditations and recognitions for many regional and global energy efficiency programs including ENERGY STAR®, the DesignLights Consortium®, U.S.Department of Energy, and many more.
  • Our full-service EMC and Wireless laboratories provide services that help you stay ahead of regulations that are continually evolving to keep pace with rapid advances in technology with testing on wireless protocols including Wi-Fi, Zigbee®, Bluetooth®, Thread, Matter and 5G.

Global reach with local support

  • UL Solutions has state-of-the-art lighting equipment in testing laboratories around the world, delivering an international presence with local expertise in the local languages across your target markets.
  • UL Solutions has numerous CBTLs globally that can assist with CB and IEC testing and certification. Utilizing one centralized point of expertise for testing and certification allows you to receive multiple certifications at once for the trusted UL Mark and other global marks.
  • UL Solutions is familiar with local performance requirements and supports when incentive programs can be leveraged.

Retailer preference

  • The UL Mark is a widely recognized and trusted symbols of safety for consumers globally, giving products a clear path to market acceptance.
  • Leading retailers trust UL Solutions to support the product safety needs of their suppliers, and partner with UL Solutions to develop performance testing protocols to elevate the quality of their private-labeled goods.
  • Our global laboratories have retail protocol testing capabilities for lighting products, including transportation and package testing to International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) protocols, labeling and document checks, safety testing and checks, reliability testing, chemical testing and more. 
  • For some retailers’ protocols, using UL Solutions for certification can help shorten the testing and inspection period by coordinating sample testing at our regional laboratories.

Flexible solutions

  • UL Solutions offers a program for data acceptance, Limited Production programs, Multiple Listing programs, the possibility of remote follow up inspection, component acceptance and other services designed to give lighting and electric signs customers flexible options.
  • UL Solutions demonstrates flexibility with the development of Outlines of Investigation (OOIs) that set benchmarks for emerging technologies like UVC germicidal, photovoltaic lighting, and human-centric lighting until industry wide standards are accepted.
  • UL Solutions works with the customer at every step of the process on UL Marketing Claim Verification projects, each of which is specific to the customer and adapted to the need of the manufacturer.

Comprehensive tools

  • UL Solutions offers complimentary, searchable tools that give customers up to date information and makes their products more visible to specifiers, retailers and more.
  • Our Global Market Access Configurator gives you an overview of certifications that we can assist you with obtaining.
  • UL Verified Marks appear in a database of all verified marketing claims, searchable by company, product type, category and more to find details of the claim, the way it was tested and results, and information about the manufacturer.
  • UL Product iQ® gives manufacturers the tools to easily perform parametric searches to quickly identify a list of components that can meet their specific design needs.

Lighting services from UL Solutions

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Safety testing and certification

  • Component certification
  • UL Solutions Data Acceptance Program (DAP)
  • IECEE CB Scheme Customer Testing Facility Program (CTF)
  • Field inspection service
  • Harsh and hazardous location certifications
  • Precertification review
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Performance and energy efficiency

  • Airtightness testing
  • Accelerated aging
  • Benchmark testing
  • DesignLights Consortium (DLC) testing
  • Energy Star® qualification testing
  • Energy efficiency certification and testing
  • Field measurement services
  • Impact Resistance (IK) testing
  • Ingress Protection (IP) testing
  • ISTA and package testing
  • Reliability testing
  • Retail protocol testing
  • Vibration testing
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Global Market Access

  • C-UL-US for North America
  • IECEE CB Scheme for various countries
  • ENEC15 or Europe
  • China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for China
  • NOM for Mexico
  • SASO for Saudi Arabia
  • INMETRO for Brazil
  • KC Mark for Korea
  • PSE for Japan
  • CoA-CoS/RCM Mark for Australia and New Zealand
  • BIS CRS for India
  • UKCA for the U.K.
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Connected Lighting

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EMC testing

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UL Verified Mark (Marketing Claim Verification)


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