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Frequently Asked Questions for Customers

Access the information you need, as quickly as possible. See below for answers to general questions or, if you are searching for a specific answer, we invite you to contact our Customer Care team.

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1.    How do I contact someone at UL Solutions to speak about my account?

If you are looking for help with an account question, please reach out to our Customer Care team.

2.    How do I find my Party Site Number (PSN)?

Your Party Site Number (PSN) is a unique identifier that differentiates your work site from any others that might belong to the same company. Your PSN can be found on your Follow-Up Services Procedure Authorization Page in your certification records, or by contacting our Customer Care team.

3.    How do I receive digital invoices/statements?

If you are interested in receiving digital invoices rather than physical copies, please contact our customer care team.

4.    How do I pay my invoice electronically?

If you are looking to pay your invoice electronically, please visit our payment portal. If you require additional assistance or are having any issues using the payment portal, please contact us.

5.    How do I register for myUL® Client Portal?

Registration for myUL is simple and easy. Visit the portal and select the “Register” option. You will need your PSN to complete registration.

6.    How can I easily share my UL Listed and classification information with others?

UL Solutions offers two complimentary tools for our customers to promote their product information. UL Product iQ® is a search engine for consumers, stakeholders and code authorities to find product information tied to a UL Mark. UL SPOT®, similar to Product iQ, contains sustainability related marks.

7.    How can I switch the UL Enhanced Mark?

Any customers using the UL Listed or Classified Marks can switch to the Enhanced UL Certification Mark at no cost. If you would like to switch to the enhanced Mark, create an account on the MarksHub and follow the instructions there.

8.    How do I promote my work with UL Solutions to my customers?

If you are interested in promoting your work to your customers, please refer to the marketing guidelines and our promotional enablement kits, both available here.

9.    What is the difference between UL Certified, UL Classified, UL Listed and UL Components?

Whether Classified, Certified or Listed, when you see a UL Mark on a product that means that the product has met scientific safety, quality or security standards. The UL certification Mark can be found on items ranging from hoverboards to lightbulbs to smoke alarms. The UL Listed Mark can be found on furnaces and heaters, fuses, electrical panels, fire extinguishers and more. The UL Classified Mark is featured on products that have been evaluated for a specific hazard or performance under specific conditions, like bullet-resistant glass. The UL Recognized Component Mark is used on components that are part of a larger product or system, like a wiring board for a computer or a motor for a fan. 

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10.    What is the difference between freemium and premium software?

Freemium software refers to software where users can access a base version of the software at no cost, with the opportunity to upgrade to a paid version of the same software that typically comes with additional features or capabilities that free users cannot access.

Premium software is software that all users need to pay to use.