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Make Complex Tasks Easier with UL’s Tools and Resources

These tools enable you to promote your work through your own media, showcase your work in our databases, view or purchase current UL Standards, and more.

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May 6, 2022

As a UL customer, make sure you are taking advantage of the multiple tools and resources at your disposal that can be used to support you and your company. At UL, our goal is to provide everything you need to move your products, services, systems or facilities along in your journey as a UL customer.

UL Product iQ®

Product iQ is UL's online location for certification information. It combines data from many legacy UL solutions, including the Online Certification Directory, Product Spec and several iQ databases, into one streamlined experience. A free Product iQ account helps you verify UL certification of products and components, locate UL guide information and search for alternative Certified products. On Product iQ, you can:

  • Access information for thousands of UL Certified products, components and materials.
  • Pinpoint content with advanced search features that allow you to compare products, search by testing standards and more.
  • Get confirmation letters of UL compliance with one click.

Register for an account or log into Product iQ today.

UL SPOT® Product Database

UL SPOT is our database for sustainable products. By featuring more than 100,000 products, UL SPOT has become one of the world’s leading sources for credible and sustainable product information. By tapping into our database, you can simplify product selection for your next project.

UL SPOT allows you to:

  • Easily find products that comply with major green building rating schemes, such as LEED.
  • Gain insight into the green purchasing market.
  • Demonstrate compliance with green credits and sustainable purchasing policies.
  • Find products that comply with LEED.

Take the complexity out of your next sustainable project and learn how UL SPOT can help you simplify your project through increased collaboration, accuracy and time. Visit UL SPOT to register today.

Browse UL Standards

Underwriters Laboratories is a global leader in creating Standards for product safety. With over 1,000 Standards available for delivery in hard copy, PDF or electronic HTML formats, if you’re looking for a UL Standard, you should visit You can browse U.S., Canada, Mexico Standards and more. Visit the site to find UL Standards today.

Promote your work with UL

After you complete your work with UL, communicating this achievement can help you win in the market by strengthening your product’s presence and differentiating it from competitors. UL can provide you and your marketing or communications teams with guidance when building a promotional campaign. Here are some examples of marketing channels you can use to promote your evaluations:

  • Press release – announce your certification.
  • Social media – consider sharing the achievement on your brand’s social channels.
  • Product web pages – create a landing page on your company’s website to promote the achievement, and consider using this page to explain the rigor and credibility of the UL certification for your products.
  • Trade shows – share your product’s certification achievement at in-person or virtual trade shows.

Download a copy of UL’s Certification Achievement Kit, Software or our Testing, Inspection and Auditing Achievement Kit, or visit our Marketing Guidelines site for additional information on how to best promote your UL relationship with your customers and stakeholders.

We believe that this small selection of tools and resources will help your business considerably in putting your product, service, systems and facilities into usage in your industry. If you have any questions or would like further assistance, contact us today.

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