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Five Ways to Enhance Your UL Partnership

As you progress through your journey as one of UL’s customers, be sure to check out all the resources that can help enhance your relationship with us.

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May 6, 2022

Whether you started working with UL years ago or just this morning, we thank you for choosing us to support your business needs. As a global safety science leader, we strive to provide the expertise, insights and services necessary to help you achieve your business objectives. Every day our services help customers like you solve critical business challenges and prepare for future opportunities.

As you progress through your UL journey, be sure to check out all the resources that can help enhance your UL experience.

1. Make your work with UL more sustainable

To stay competitive in today’s global marketplace, companies are looking to address their sustainability efforts. With pressure from regulators, investors and customers to make the world greener, now is the time to take action to reduce the effects of climate change, create more circular products and provide more transparency in the supply chain.

Taking small steps like electing to receive digital invoices instead of print ones can help you reduce carbon emissions and demonstrate a sustainable mindset to your stakeholders. Keep reading for additional tips on how to make your UL engagement greener.

2. Getting started with UL Follow-Up Services

UL Follow-up Services – or ongoing certification testing –  apply to any product carrying the UL Mark. This work determines that the product continues to meet certification requirements. We offer a complimentary training resource, otherwise referred to as FUStart, on what to expect from your UL Follow-Up Services experience. Access the training to know what to expect from your next inspection. Check out our article on UL Follow-Up Services tips to learn more.

3. Use UL’s tools and resources to your benefit

UL provides many tools and resources to support you and your company. These tools include access to databases like UL Product iQ® and UL SPOT® Product Database that allow you to feature your products for code authorities, customers and stakeholders. In addition, we offer promotional enablement kits and marketing guidelines that can assist you as you promote your completed work with UL. To learn more, read about our tools and resources today.

4. Demonstrate compliance with the Enhanced UL Certification Mark and the Smart UL Certification Mark

The Enhanced UL Certification Mark and the Smart UL Certification Mark and badge system respond to evolving certification and global marketplace needs. All customers using any variation of the UL Listed and UL Classified Marks can switch at no cost to the enhanced and smart UL Mark. The Enhanced UL Certification Mark can help by delivering greater transparency and efficiency for the market today. Learn more about the Enhanced UL Certification Mark or visit the Marks Hub to convert to the enhanced Mark system today.

5. Gain greater insights with the myUL® Client Portal

The myUL Client Portal is your source to access your UL certification files and project documents. Having easy access to this in-depth information empowers you to make decisions that will positively impact your bottom line. All safety certification customers can access myUL at no cost. To learn more or register, visit myUL

Thank you for choosing UL for your business needs. If you have any questions about how to further enhance your work with us, contact us today.