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Customer Confidentiality and Complaint Process FAQ

How we maintain customer confidentiality and manage complaints.

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Confidentiality FAQ

How can I be sure that proprietary information will be kept confidential?

Confidentiality is a very important aspect of our work and is outlined in the application form that we send to customers at the beginning of projects. Furthermore, UL Solutions employees must sign an application form which contains a confidentiality clause when applying for employment with us.  

Can I obtain the test results from the investigation of a UL Solutions product?

Data developed during the course of an investigation is proprietary. UL Solutions signs a contractual agreement with all customers stating we will maintain confidentiality and refrain from disclosing third party information obtained in confidence. You can, however, purchase a copy of the appropriate Standard that indicates the requirements a manufacturer of a particular product will have to meet in order to obtain UL Listing, Recognition or Classification.

Complaint Handling FAQ

Who can make a complaint?

Any person may lodge a complaint regarding a UL Certification, a UL Solutions service or a UL Standard.

How can complaints be sent to UL Solutions?

Please follow the links below to file a complaint:

When will UL Solutions provide a reply?

All customer complaints are generally acknowledged within 48 hours.

How will UL Solutions provide a reply?

The results of any investigation and issue resolution is communicated via telephone or e-mail. Progress reports are provided upon request.

Are complaints made public?

If it is determined through information provided by UL Solutions' client, the complainant and our investigation that a communication should be made to the public, UL Solutions will issue a Public Notice.