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Getting Started with UL Follow-Up Services

Knowing and addressing your UL Follow-Up Services program requirements can speed up your inspections.

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May 16, 2022

At UL, our product safety certification process extends beyond the authorization to apply the UL Mark. Our involvement serves as protection for your investment, benefitting you by easing the journey to compliance and helping earn increased consumer trust.

UL Follow-up Services 

Once a product is Certified, it is enrolled in the UL Follow-Up Services program to verify that the product continues to meet the original requirements it was Certified under. So, for our customers, the process of safety certification doesn’t stop when a product leaves our testing laboratories. As long as a product carries the UL Mark, we continue to work with you to assess compliance with the certification requirements. Because of our comprehensive approach, customers, regulators, insurers and other stakeholders can have confidence in the UL Mark that the product continues to comply with the certification requirements.

UL Follow-Up Services are a critical element of the UL product certification. While testing in our laboratories provides an initial assessment of compliance, UL Follow-Up Services frequently assess a product’s compliance with certification requirements through on-site inspections after the product has completed its initial certification evaluation.. Ongoing compliance assessments provide a level playing field for all customers manufacturing UL Certified products, helping to ensure that products continue to meet the applicable requirements and will benefit from entering the marketplace carrying a UL Mark.

The UL Follow Up Services program focuses on examining both completed end products as well as the components they contain. Component safety is a foundational element of the overall safety of a finished product and is critical to getting safer, regulatory compliant end products to the marketplace. Through regularly scheduled inspections, UL staff assists our customers to help ensure a monitored production control processes. By periodically re-testing UL Certified products at a manufacturing location and using an unbiased sample selection for follow-up testing at UL’s laboratories, we deliver additional value when determining continued compliance with requirements and provide confidence for those looking for the UL Mark when making product selection decisions.


To help guide customers towards fulfilling their UL Follow-Up Services responsibilities, we offer a FUStart resource, which can be downloaded from our Follow-Up Services page . This resource, offered prior to your factory inspection, is designed to help with the seamless implementation of your UL Follow-Up Services program by allowing you to plan your production and documentation needs with greater knowledge of our policies and requirements. Your local field engineer will also share the required traceability, marking, testing and other requirements so these can be incorporated in your factory’s manufacturing process controls and quality management system. Knowing and addressing these requirements can assist in making any UL inspection faster and instill confidence in your factory’s ability to successfully produce UL certified products. Taking the time to quickly review the FUStart resource prior to your UL inspection can help you avoid delays and enhance your path to market.

For more information on our UL Follow-Up Services or FUStart, reach out to your local field engineer or visit

Thank you for choosing UL for your business needs. If you have any questions about how to further enhance your work with us, contact us today.

Follow-Up Services

Safety certification doesn’t end with a Mark. These services represent our ongoing commitment to safer products, and in turn, a safer world.

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