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Designing a Grow Facility Using Safer Lighting Equipment

Gain insights about UL 8800, the Standard for Horticultural Lighting Equipment, the type of equipment covered by this standard and the importance of installing UL 8800 certified lighting equipment.

Greenhouse plants growing under lights

From designers of custom and modular systems, to cultivators and processors, the need for certified, reliable lighting systems is a critical component in maximizing the return on investment from your facilities. Join industry experts to learn the importance of certifying your lighting equipment to UL 8800 to bring your lighting solutions to market. 

Learning objectives:

  • UL 8800 - history of development 
  • Types of lighting equipment covered by UL 8800 
  • Key difference between horticultural luminaires and luminaires designed for general illumination  
  • NFPA 70 - 2020 National Electrical Code, new installation requirements for horticultural luminaires introduced  
  • Importance of specifying and installing UL 8800 Certified lighting equipment

Ed Joseph, principal engineer, UL’s Lighting division

Webinar date
Oct. 27, 2020

Designing a grow facility using safer lighting equipment

Understand the importance of specifying and installing UL 8800 Certified lighting equipment.