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Building Envelope Third-Party Testing and Certification

Understand how third-party testing, assessment and certification of building envelope products benefits architects, product manufacturers and other project stakeholders.

Building envelope mock-up testing rig

UL Solutions' experts created this complimentary e-guide to provide building envelope product manufacturers with information about third-party testing and certification schemes and how they benefit building project stakeholders.

Third-party testing and certification of building envelope products

Contractual and mandatory obligations to meet specific performance and security requirements drive the need for third-party testing and certification for building envelope products. In third-party certification, an independent, accredited third-party certification body evaluates product performance and assesses whether the product operates as required. 

UL Solutions can help

As Construction Products Regulation (CPR) requirements evolve with the U.K.’s transition from CE marking to UKCA marking, trust UL Solutions' experts to help you stay informed of and compliant with building envelope product requirements.

Read our complimentary e-guide to discover: 

  • How third-party testing and certification benefits building envelope product manufacturers.
  • The third-party testing and certification services that UL Solutions offers:
    • Performance mock-up (PMU) testing
    • Building envelope products field testing
    • Window and door/fenestration performance and security testing
  • How bundling testing and certification services with UL Solutions, a trusted global safety science leader, can help you gain or maintain U.K. and EU market access.
  • Benefits for: manufacturers, architects and building projects
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The Importance of Third-Party Testing and Certification of Building Envelope Products

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