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Assessing the Safety of UV Disinfection Technologies

Reviewing potential safety risks associated with the use of UV radiation

Sterilized equipment under UVC light

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has placed unimagined stress on the healthcare industry and on the healthcare professionals who work tirelessly to treat patients and save lives. A critical aspect of delivering effective healthcare is access to adequate supplies of disinfected medical devices and personal protective equipment (PPE). Most conventional methods of disinfection involve the use of chemicals and cleaning agents that are potentially toxic to humans, as well as harmful to the environment. Further, disinfection processes are labor intensive and time-consuming, effectively limiting the amount of space or number of devices that can be quickly disinfected.

In this UL white paper, we’ll discuss the science behind UV disinfection technologies and the potential benefits in the healthcare industry. We’ll also discuss the potential safety risks associated with the use of UV radiation in disinfection processes and the specific aspects of UV technologies subject to testing. Finally, we’ll present a case study that showcases how UL is working to help advance the deployment of UV disinfection technologies to address critical healthcare needs.

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