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Alarm Certificate Services Invoicing FAQs

Find answers to your invoicing questions related to alarm certificate services.

When should I expect to receive my annual invoice?

Annual invoices are sent out at the end of January.

When is payment due for my annual invoice?

Payment is due upon receipt, unless otherwise stated in your GSA. If payment has not been received by March 31, you will be unable to access your updated certificate of compliance.

Why am I being charged for this year and last year?

The charges for the previous year are for active certificates. Certificates charged based on active status. For example, if a certificate is active from January thru June, you will be charged 50% of the total cost for that certificate. In order to ensure that all active Certificates are charged properly, Certificate charges are added to the following year’s annual invoice.  For more information, refer to the detailed invoice explanation.

Can I request a specific breakdown of charges?

For a complete breakdown of certificate charges, please generate an Invoice analysis report via ULwebCerts.

Explanation of the invoice analysis and how to generate the report.

I became UL listed less than a year ago and I have already paid my project completion invoice. Why did I receive an annual invoice as well?

The project completion invoice is not the same as the annual invoice. The project completion invoice is for the services provided during the new work project. These services include engineer time and travel. The annual invoice is for services to be provided throughout the calendar year in which the annual invoice was sent, with the exception of certificate fees. Certificate fees are prorated based on active status and are therefore added to the next calendar years annual invoice.