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Fire and Security Service Solutions: Annual Invoice Explanation

Find more information about your annual invoice, your alarm certification services invoice and important dates that pertain to your certification.

Fire systems

Use ULwebCerts to:

  • Access your annual invoice and review a breakdown of all charges
  • Retrieve your Certificate of Compliance

Please note: Certificates of Compliance are only accessible upon payment of your annual invoice.

Use the following information to locate appropriate contacts.

Topic Contact
Questions about your annual invoice
Questions or comments about our pricing
Pay your invoice

Dispute your charges

Please be sure to include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Applicant number/subscriber number/file number
  • Invoice number
  • A complete list of charges you wish to dispute, along with a brief explanation as to the reason for the dispute

Alarm Certification Services invoice explanation

Invoice field Definition
Description of charges Your annual invoice will show charges for the current calendar year, as well as the previous calendar year.
Charges for the current calendar year Certificate charges are reflected on the following years’ annual invoice to allow for accurate calculation and proration of charges based on percentage of the year in which the certificate was active.
Location fee

The location fee includes:

  • An annual audit of alarm service delivery (the annual audit may include visits to premises covered by an active UL alarm system certificate).
  • All travel and living costs 
  • A free copy of the UL Standard(s) pertaining to your UL Listing

Please note: Only one location fee is levied per invoice, regardless of the total number of Listings held. The actual dollar amount is based on the type of Listing(s) held.

Base certification fee(s)

A basic certification fee is applied for each individual UL Listing. The dollar amount for each basic certification fee varies based on the type of UL Listing (Listing category).

Basic certification fees include

  • A Certificate of Compliance
  • Inclusion in UL’s Online Certification Directory and UL’s Certificate Verification Service
  • ULwebCerts (UL’s certificate management online portal)

Please note: There is one basic certification fee per UL Listing. If there are multiple Listings invoiced, there will be multiple basic certification fees.

Charges for the previous calendar year

Certificate charges are reflected on the following years’ annual invoice to allow for accurate calculation and proration of charges based on the percentage of the year in which the certificate was active.

For example, if a certificate was active from January 2016 through June 2016, the charge for that certificate would be half (50 percent) of the total annual certificate cost. If a certificate was active for 100 percent of the year (January-December 2016), the charge would be the full annual cost of the certificate. Charges would then be reflected on the following year’s invoice (2017).

Please note: Certificate costs vary based on the category (Central Station Fire, Central Station Burglary, Remote Station Fire, etc.).

Individual certificate charges

A certificate that is active for 100 percent of the year is charged the full annual certificate fee.

Certificates active for only a portion of the year are prorated based on the percentage of the year that the certificate is active.

Please note: Certificate fees vary based on the certificate type.

Certificate issuance fees:  New issue versus web issue

A certificate issuance fee is only applied when a request is submitted via a paper request. There is no additional charge to issue a certificate via ULwebCerts.

Certificate issuance fees are divided into two categories:

  • New issue (charge):  The quantity reflects the total number of new, replaced and renewed certificates issued in the previous year, via paper requests, in addition to the general certificate fee.
  • Web issue (no charge):  There is no certificate issuance fee for issuing, replacing or correcting a certificate through the ULWebCerts portal.

Important dates

Date Action
January 31 Annual invoices are mailed to customers
March 1 Deadline to withdraw a Listing and cancel associated fees
March 31

Certificates of Compliance expire

Updated Certificates of Compliance are available via the ULwebCerts portal

June 1 Accounts with outstanding balances are suspended, including access to ULwebCerts
August 1 Remaining accounts with outstanding balances are withdrawn
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