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Health Canada Using Draft Guidelines to Recall Kids Jewelry Containing Cadmium

January 8, 2013

Health Canada has confirmed that they will be using draft guidelines they issued in July 2011, which proposed a guideline limit for total cadmium in children's jewelry of 130 ppm (130 mg/kg or 0.013% by weight).

Health Canada has reviewed stakeholder comments on the report as well as relevant scientific studies, and has made a determination that 130 mg/kg total cadmium is an appropriate limit for children's jewelry. Therefore, Health Canada is continuing to use the guidance value of 130 mg/kg total cadmium for purposes of children's jewelry recalls.

Health Canada has stated they have the ability to use the draft guidelines due to the general prohibition of selling dangerous products in the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.

Although the consultation period is now closed, the draft Proposal for Cadmium Guidelines in Children's Jewelry can still be found on the Health Canada website.