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The Code Authority Newsletter 2021 | Issue 1

This quarterly technical newsletter includes timely updates regarding model code and safety standard developments that can enhance your ability to approve safe, sustainable, and code compliant installations. The TCA is free, click subscribe to never miss an issue.

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March 5, 2021

Thinking Inside the Box: Modular Rooms Bringing Privacy Back to the Office – UL 962

While open concept offices spaces may foster collaboration, they have also slowly eroded personal privacy. Office pods aim bring back privacy while offering a quiet, distraction-free space.

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Proper Application of UL Standards for Controlled or Delayed Egress Locking Devices – UL 294 & 1034

Lock hardware is a critical aspect of egress systems which are governed by specific building and life safety codes.

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What Every Code Officials Needs to Know about Building Services and Systems

Part 1: Commercial Cooking Appliances, Ventilation Systems and Cooking Oil Storage

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The Underlying Truth About Roofing Underlayments

A roof is an important element of a building’s construction. When properly designed and installed it can provide years of protection against the elements, including fire, rain, snow, ice and high winds.

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Q&A Articles

Q&A: Fire Resistance-Rated Wall Designs for Fire Exposure to the Exterior Facing Side

Navigating fire resistance rating questions with answers from UL experts.

Q&A: Product iQ® Focus on Installation Code Search

Where can I find the UL code correlation database for UL Certifications (Listings) that comply with a model code?

News Briefs

UL Extends Certification Date for Multi-criteria Smoke Alarms

UL extended the compliance date for multi-criteria smoke alarms to certify to the new product standard requirements to ensure sufficient product availability for consumers.

Public Education

Start Safe Playbook 

For help navigating our new kind of workplace, take a look at the UL Start Safe Playbook.

UL Marks for Code Authorities

For additional information on the enhanced mark, take a look at our page on the enhanced mark dedicated to code authorities

Save the Date for our Virtual Building Innovation Summit

June 15 – June 17, 2021. Stay tuned for additional information on our  Building Innovations Summit, which will cover a range of interesting topics effecting the built environment, safety and security. This virtual three-day interactive event will discuss enhancing safety and security in uncertain times, building strong foundations for a safer future, as well as innovations for a brighter tomorrow.


Managing Editor - Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson is the Managing Editor of the Code Authority Newsletter. For further information or questions, please contact UL code experts here.