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Fenestration Foundations for Building Envelope Performance

Assess future performance and expedite time to market for fenestration products with scientific testing and certification, leveraging the guidance of industry-leading experts.

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Fenestration product testing and certification can be a challenging hurdle to overcome, all before your windows, doors or skylights even have the chance to enter the market. If you don’t start out on the right path, the requirements, rules and regulations of the industry can make your journey more difficult.

Fortunately, we offer many ways to help ensure proper performance of these products throughout the design and in-service life cycle. Scientific testing is one of the most effective ways to analyze future performance and expedite time to market.

Learn more about fenestration performance testing

  • Why it’s important to test and certify your building envelope products
  • Types of performance to test, including security to aid against intrusion, resistance to water penetration, air leakage and wind load resistance
  • One of the most effective ways to forecast future product performance and expedite time to market
  • The three phases of fenestration product testing
  • Performance requirements
  • Common test methods
  • How to choose an accredited testing and certification laboratory

Photo of a glass office buildingBuilding Envelope Services

Achieve optimal performance for building envelope components and systems with testing, commissioning and advisory services from UL Solutions’ Built Environment experts.

Partners in the building materials and construction community—architects, manufacturers, contractors, consultants, building owners and regulatory authorities—trust UL Solutions for the knowledge and expertise we provide.

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Fenestration foundations for building envelope performance

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