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Commercial Refrigeration and Freezer

To get ahead in the competitive commercial refrigeration and freezer business, you need clear compliance guidance to access global markets.

Navigating a complex regulatory landscape requires guidance from a commercial refrigeration compliance solutions leader 

Keeping on course in today’s competitive commercial refrigeration climate can be challenging. Yet opportunities abound for ambitious refrigeration manufacturers setting their sights on current market opportunities, including vaccine refrigeration innovations and commercial refrigerators that utilize the latest low global warming potential (low-GWP) refrigerants to reduce environmental emissions.

Refrigeration certification requirements can be complex and if you want to keep your refrigeration concepts advancing through the product development cycle, you need a commercial refrigeration testing expert who knows the path forward – including all the latest refrigeration certification requirements. 

Choosing UL Solutions to be by your side throughout the commercial refrigeration testing and certification cycle can help you save time that might have been needlessly lost on redesigns, allowing you to gain ground and meet go-to-market goals.

We provide comprehensive commercial refrigeration compliance and certification solutions for products including:

  • Commercial and professional refrigerators and freezers
  • Condensing units, monoblocks and walk-ins
  • Vending and dispensing (vending machines, dispensers, beverage coolers)
  • Ice makers (ice, ice cream)
  • Wine coolers and chillers
  • Vaccine storage

We keep you on course with commercial refrigeration certification requirements

When your timeline to market is short, you need a commercial refrigeration certification guide who knows the way. Our experts specialize in cold chain compliance and certification. We conduct commercial refrigeration testing to confirm and certify your refrigeration units conform with all relevant standards. Whether your innovation involves commercial refrigeration UVC lighting or commercial refrigeration cybersecurity, we can perform an independent inspection of your refrigeration product prior to production to help you troubleshoot compliance and certification issues.

Rely on our advisers and experts around the world to help you:

  • Understand and comply with local and international industry standards and regulations. We are a leading provider for low-GWP refrigerant solutions, able to help you test and certify products to meet the safety standards set for refrigeration equipment.
  • Confirm compliance by conducting prototype evaluations, product performance and reliability reviews to streamline your product development and certification cycle, increasing the likelihood that you make it to market before competitors.
  • Demonstrate product quality and performance. When customers see the UL Mark, the UL Leaf Mark or the UL Verified Mark, they know your refrigeration unit has been tested to the standard, reducing changes for food and medicine spoilage.

Wherever you manufacture commercial refrigerators in the world, we provide expert, on-call engineering advice in local languages.

Our capabilities include:

  • Certification needs assessment – We assess which certifications you need to get your product into major markets and help you navigate the certification process.
  • Commitment to answer questions quickly – Your commercial refrigeration certification questions are answered quickly when you reach out to our responsive, on-call engineers.
  • Energy efficiency requirements and testing – Our engineers are on-call to help you troubleshoot compliance issues with evolving energy efficiency standards globally.
  • Performance testing – We conduct performance testing on your refrigeration equipment to differentiate products in the market with customized protocols and marketing claim verifications.  
  • Safety testing and certification for global access – We can evaluate your product for conformance to standards so that you can earn the UL Mark, which has global recognition and acceptance with code authorities.
  • Smart connected refrigerators and freezers – Our engineers test your refrigeration equipment for compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), interoperability, privacy and cybersecurity standards.

Why UL Solutions

Our high-performance testing centers are staffed by experts with years of experience in the HVAC/R industry, and our laboratories include custom-built state-of-the-art testing equipment.

We offer private offices for visiting clients with viewing capabilities of tests being performed. For off-site client engagement, we offer secure remote real-time data tracking, chat communication and remote observation of tests being performed.

We can create customized assessment services to suit your needs, from our full suite of compliance solutions for HVAC/R equipment. Custom offerings can include:

  • Testing in accordance to a variety of HVAC/R industry standards and programs
  • Full-service research and development capability for product prototype testing
  • Performance validation for precompliance testing or benchmarking
  • Bundled compliance solutions conducted at the same location energy efficiency testing is performed
  • Product safety certification testing and international certifications
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