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UL Product iQ® Marketing Solutions

Get more out of your UL certifications. UL Product iQ® Marketing Solutions connects you with engineers, architects and product developers to promote your products.

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Overview of UL Product iQ Marketing Solutions

Engineers, architects and product developers are looking for UL Certified products and components on Product iQ™, UL Solutions' database for certification information. Identify which people and companies are viewing your UL Certified products in real time with Product iQ Marketing Solutions. 

This marketing intelligence, exclusively from UL Solutions, gives product and component manufacturers a new way to identify and reach potential customers early in their buying process. Customizable tools allow you to use these insights to maximize business results and manage buyer interest with flexibility and ease.


With Product iQ Marketing Solutions you can:

Receive buyer intent data in real time

  • Understand who is researching your UL Certified products as they develop new and modify existing products
  • Know which engineers, architects and product developers are considering your products and reach out to these decision-makers early in their buying process
  • Integrate product interest into your existing CRM and sales processes
  • Drive product awareness and activity in Product iQ with targeted digital media

Reach your target audience

  • Reaching the right audience can be difficult. Product iQ Marketing Solutions give you access to industry professionals who value UL Certifications, allowing you to reach more qualified prospects
  • Product iQ has complete and verified contact information for over 250,000 registered users in more than 140 countries
  • Lead scoring enhanced with machine learning helps you prioritize your efforts around prospects who are lower in the sales funnel

Access powerful data available only from UL Solutions

  • Leverage a new channel with extensive reach. Product iQ is accessed over 400,000 times each month by industry professionals looking for the most up-to-date UL certification information
  • Receive real-time intelligence of users’ engagement with your product information, plus their verified contact information including name, company, email address, phone number and more
  • Visualize data by company, product or keyword to identify trends and opportunities. Use the insights to refine your current marketing efforts and product positioning

Increase brand awareness with digital media

  • Use on-site advertising to get your products in front of hundreds of thousands of buyers actively looking for UL Certified products on Product iQ 
  • Promote your products to the right audience with emails to the Product iQ audience. Target by industry, region, job function and more. Even gain exposure in the European region 
  • Receive media reporting which allows you to measure and optimize your results

With UL Certification you’ve demonstrated your brand’s commitment to excellence and safety. Your investment in certification can differentiate your products and help you stand out from the competition. Get more out of your investment by connecting with potential buyers through Product iQ’s Marketing Solutions.


  • Verified and complete contact information when someone engages with your products
  • Real-time visibility into what products and information a potential buyer has interacted with
  • Available on any internet-connected device
  • Rank and group leads by region, account name, product and more
  • Customize dashboards for each member of your team
  • Share leads and lead groups with internal team members
  • View aggregated trends or filter down to specific companies and people
  • Machine learning refines lead prioritization to better align with your goals
  • Flagging individuals keeps specific leads easily visible over time
  • Flexible analytical tools to help plan, forecast and understand the impacts of marketing investments

Who uses Product iQ?

  • Industries
    • Electrical/Electronic components
    • Building materials
    • Appliances – Small/Large
    • Consumer electronics
    • Industrial/Institutional equipment
    • Industrial automation
    • Life safety and security
    • Fire Suppression
    • Lighting
  • Companies
    • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)/Fabricator
    • Architecture/Design/Engineering
    • Equipment/Machinery/Software
    • Manufacturer of formulated product
    • Consulting/Services company
    • Distributor/broker
  • Decision makers and departments
    • Engineering
    • Architect/Design
    • Research/Development/Laboratory
    • Production/Manufacturing
    • Sales/Marketing

It can be a challenge to find new channels for lead generation. UL Solutions’ easy to use tools allow you to fill your sales funnel and empower your sales team with actionable insights that drive business results. With these solutions you can identify qualified leads faster and more efficiently to close new business. In addition, leveraging these tools to aggregate your customer activity and trends can inform business decisions and marketing strategies.

Interested in learning more about UL Product iQ, the search engine for UL Certification information? See it in action or register now

Why UL Solutions

Product developers, engineers and architects rely on Product iQ to verify a product is UL Certified. UL Solutions’ unique marketing solutions for product and component manufacturers connect you with these potential buyers to get more out of your UL Certification. Help achieve your revenue and marketing goals with UL Solutions’ exclusive intelligence on buyer intent and tools to drive demand.


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