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Chemical Impact from Products

Demonstrate that the products you produce or sell meet chemical regulations that are designed to reduce negative impacts on human health or the environment.

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VOCs, chemical management, and product emissions testing

As scientists and health experts learn more about the toxicity of some chemicals, there is a growing awareness in the media and among consumers regarding the safety of the environments we live in. Whether it’s the air we breathe, the materials we touch, or what we consume, we want to know that our surroundings won’t increase the risk of adverse health impacts on us.

A large part of our environment comprises the products we interact with every day. Those products may be a source of emissions that impact our air quality, leach harmful substances into our food or water or might be unsafe to use or handle.

As knowledge evolves, it is no surprise that regulations are increasing globally surrounding hazardous chemicals in products. When regulations don’t exist, buyers are driving change, encouraging manufacturers to create safer products with transparent ingredients. In a building, these products can be part of a healthier ecosystem and are specified during the design and selection process. In consumer markets, products for personal and body care or for house cleaning, for example, can differentiate themselves from standard products and attract health-conscious buyers.

This pressure from regulators, consumers and specifiers brings many challenges to manufacturers and retailers in developing and selling safer and more sustainable products.

UL Solutions has expertise in third-party testing and certifications to help you demonstrate that the products you manufacture or sell meet regulations aimed at reducing negative impacts on human health or the environment.

Product emissions testing and certifications

The majority of everyday chemical exposure to people occurs through the air we breathe in our homes, offices, schools, and other indoor environments. These airborne chemicals, which are commonly referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can come from typical building and household products or from specialty products like medical devices, air cleaners, and cleanroom equipment.

UL Solutions can perform emissions testing on products to a variety of international criteria. We can help you identify chemicals emitting from your products through a general analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), microbial VOCs, aldehydes and other air pollutants. As a global safety science leader, we have applied our indoor air quality (IAQ) expertise to empower a variety of retailers and product manufacturers to demonstrate that their products have low chemical emissions.

Managing chemicals in consumer products

As the concern over chemical safety in consumer products has risen drastically in the past years, many countries have established regulations to restrict toxic chemical substances to protect consumers and the environment. Manufacturers and retailers need to stay on top of regulatory updates in this complex regulatory landscape.

UL Solutions can help manufacturers navigate these complex global regulations. For chemical management, we offer a wide range of product and chemical content testing.

Achieve your global compliance goals and enhance sustainability through UL Solutions chemical management services.

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