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Lead Generation Solutions to Reach Chemical Decision Makers

Target and connect in real time with companies that are interested in your products.

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Most companies focused on business-to-business (B2B) lead generation are challenged with lead quality and the amount of time it takes to receive a lead. These challenges are often magnified within industrial, chemicals and manufacturing industries as effective marketing channels are few and far between. Generating qualified industrial leads requires a solid understanding of your target market, their needs and their product development process.

An industrial marketer must have strong alignment with his or her sales team to help ensure mutual agreement on lead definitions and requirements. Once alignment is set, it is essential to shorten the time between when a lead is generated and when the appropriate salesperson can follow up. The speed with which a company can respond is a determining factor in whether the lead will convert.

We provide a suite of solutions for industrial marketing and sales teams to develop effective product marketing materials, connect with the right individuals and then quickly follow up to improve the opportunity for conversion. Through our trusted materials and components research platforms, Prospector® and UL Product iQ™, we are able to connect highly qualified buyers with suppliers.


We help you connect with qualified buyers

Our lead generation tools help you capture real-time sales and marketing information at your fingertips. Connect with the industry professionals most interested in your products. Our lead generation tools also allow you to score, prioritize and filter qualified leads.

  • Focus your sales team’s time and resources on revenue generating activity and avoid wasting time spent hunting down qualified leads
  • Engage with a highly qualified community of verified industry professionals and access up-to-date contact information
  • Connect with your targeted audience and promote specific products to create actionable sales opportunities and drive incremental revenue


Whether you’re looking for technical data, product documentation, global supplier contact lists or wanting to request product samples, Prospector® has you covered. 

Product iQ

Engineers, product developers and other professionals can use Product iQTM to verify UL certification of products and components, locate UL Solutions guide information and search for alternative products they can trust.

Want more information on our lead generation solutions?

Learn how Connect can help your sales and marketing team identify engaged buyers, manage buyer interest with flexibility and ease, and maximize business results. 

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Why UL Solutions

We have helped thousands of companies promote their products to qualified product developers and engineers. Through that experience, we have become a global leader in helping to connect companies offering products and product developers and engineers seeking new and innovative products. Our B2B marketing solutions help you identify product developers and engineers who are interested in your products and provide your sales team with immediate access to the data necessary to follow up.


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